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1.THW abolish standardized tests in schools

2.THW continue conducting online learning in indonesia after the COVID-19 pandemic

3.THR college admission systems where how much money can an applicant give is a factor that determines their acceptance (e.g Seleksi           Mandiri ITB)






  1. The competition is generally carried out online.
  2. The competition will be carried out via Zoom.
  3. The participants are from SMA/SMK/MA in X, XI, XII grade.
  4. The participants are active student in Java.
  5. Participants haven’t won PANDCO or any national or region english debate tournaments in the previous year.
  6. Participants are appealed to participate from home to reduce unwanted noise during the competition.
  7. Participants are required to fill the registration form.
  8. Participants must join 15 minutes before the event begins to re-register. For those who late are not given additional time for case building.
  9. Participants must follow the event until finished. If leaving the event midway the participant wouldn’t be given the certificate.
  10. Participants are required to give all types of communication devices that are brought in immediately after the motion is launched to the liaison officer.
  11. Participants are given 30 minutes to hold discussions with team members (case building).
  12. When case building, participants are not allowed to communicate with the coach, friends or other parties regarding the movement to be discussed.
  13. During the debate, participants are no longer allowed to search for information on the internet through electronic media. Only 'printed materials' was prepared beforehand are allowed.
  14. All participants are appealed to maintain the sequence of events and use silent mode in the communication tool.
  15. All participants must comply with the schedule set by the committee.
  16. There will be sanctions for all participants if they violate the provisions stipulated during the implementation of PANDCO 2020. The Committee has the right to give reprimand and oral sanctions to participants who violate the provisions.
  17. The PANDCO 2020 Committee has the authority to make firm and consistent decisions in all situations during a series of events, which are not governed by general provisions. The results of the committee's decision are ABSOLUTE and CANNOT BE CONSIDERED.

English Debate Competition creates opportunity for students to exhibit their ability in public speaking and intelligence. On this opportunity, the participants will open their eyes to realize that the Indonesian economy is lagging so far, so in this competition the participants will give their best argument that can build the economy of Indonesia as soon as possible


  • Technical Meeting
  1. RULES
  1. Pandco using Asian Parliamentary Debate System.
  2. A team consists of 3 members which are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd speaker.
  3. There will be seven rounds which are Three Preliminary Rounds, Octofinal Round, Quarterfinal Round, Semifinal Round, and Final Round.
  4. Motions that will be used for preliminary rounds are prepared motions that given by the committees, and after that the motions that will be used are impromptu motions.
  5. Each speakers are given 7 (seven) minutes with an additional 20 seconds to present their arguments.
  6. The first opportunity is given to the first speaker of the government team, then the first speaker of the opposition team, and so on up to the third speaker.
  7. The first speaker of the government team is required to define motion and limit it, and pass on some arguments.
  8. The first speaker of the opposition team is required to provide a rebuttal against the government team’s first speaker and present his/her arguments.
  9. The second speaker of the government team gives a rebuttal to the first speakers of the opposition team as well as adding and deepening his/her team’s arguments.
  10. The second speaker from the opposition team gives a rebuttal to the first and second speaker of the government team and added and deepened his/her team’s arguments.
  11. The third speaker of the government team gives a rebuttal to the arguments of first and second of opposition team, deeper analysis, bring more examples and give a conclusion.
  12. The third speaker of the opposition team gives a rebuttal to the arguments of first, second, and third of government team, deeper analysis, bring more examples, and then closed the race with a conclusion.
  13. There will be Reply Speaker to clarify the debate running in that round, the speaker coming from first or second speaker, it is same for government or opposition. The one who speak first is from opposition team and then government team. Time for speaking is 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
  14. A direct response (point of interruption / points of information) is allowed when the other speaker speaks after the first minute marked by reaction raise hand and ends after the 6th minute marked by a glass by the time keeper.
  15. The winning team is the team that has the best argument, style, and strategy content.
  16. The adjudicators’ decision can not be contested.


🔊 We are back 🔊

Pandco 2021 is calling young debaters from All around Java🤩, this  senior high school debate competition uses Asian Parliamentary debate system (3-on-3 tournament)


"Trought the Odds, We are Changing the World with Technology"

Virtual competition



January 2nd, 2021 - February 23th, 2021

Link: Click Here


IDR 350.000

Contacts Person:

Anggie : 081230773356(WA)

Naila: 085646264687(WA)

Find us on

Twitter: @PANDCOPerbanas

Web: Pancodebate.webs.com

Instagram: @pandco2021

Facebook: Pandco Perbanas







Are You Ready For PANDCO 2021 

Hello, all high school debaters in java! 

High School's Newbie English Debate Competition is coming back in 2021!

What is the theme?? 


Are you curious what's the difference between this year & last year? 

The competition will be held online, and there is no reason for you not to make achievements from home. it is possible

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📣Hello Debaters!📣

❗️We are coming back❗️

The biggest national english debate competition in Java Island✨

🌟"Perbanas Amazing Newbie English Debate Competition (PANDCO) 2019"🌟


We are inviting all high-school newbie debaters👥


Will be held on:

February 22nd - 23rd 2019


You will get an extraordinary experiences and meet other new debaters to exchange ideas and experiences✨


Lets Register your team now! and Take the prize!!.💥


PANDCO 2019 is waiting for your team!! And lets have fun together

See you debaters

📞For More Information📞 :

Dinar : 081247222314

Denta : 081231481477

and stay tuned:

ig       : @pandco2019

Line   : @iwi8295c

web    : pancodebate.webs.com

twitter: @PANDCOPerbanas

email  : [email protected]

FB      : Pandco Perbanas


“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand” - Vince Lombardi💪🏻


We are proudly present for participant of PANDCO 2019🤗


🔥❗️Prepared Motion PANDCO 2019❗️🔥



THR The use of sports as political tools (Ex: Barcelona FC, by Catalonian People)

THBT Golden State Warriors did not ruin the league (NBA)

THBT Sports is better off without the financial limitation rules (Ex: Football with Financial Fair Play, NBA with Salary Cap)


As Indonesian government, THW Adopt Malaysian Syariah Court System

As liberal religious community, THW recognize agnostic as a valid believe

As liberal religious community, when contradictions happens, THW side with religion over science (Ex: The creation of human vs Theory of Evolution, The existence of miracles)


Can be seen on our website : pancodebate.webs.com

or our social media:

Line : @iwi8295c

Good Luck !!

Rizal - Azzam

Dear all debaters🙌🏻

PANDCO 2019 is going to be closer

Are you ready?

Yes, we are ready🙌🏻❗️


We'd like to inform you that we'll have

Technical Meeting on:

Day, Date: Thursday, February 21st 2019

Place: D302 Campus 1, STIE Perbanas Surabaya (Jl. Nginden Semolo 34-36, Surabaya)

Time: 11 A.M.

Dresscode: Senior High School uniform (according to each school)


Come and join us to feel the atmosphere❗️🔥

See you in PANDCO 2019




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Thanks for joining us!

See you next year!

Technical Meeting





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